Private & Public LTE

Net1 is one of few companies in the Philippines that has been awarded used of licensed spectrum to provide wireless connectivity throughout the country. Net1 currently operates a modern LTE (4G) commercial network using the frequencies 450-470MHz (Band 31) and 3480-3500MHz (Band 42). The network is designed to provide a wireless replacement or complement to an existing wired connection for businesses across the Philippines. Net1 is currently exploring 5G options to deploy using our millimetre band frequencies.

Net1 are providing private LTE Networks for dedicated customer deployments. A private LTE can serve as a connectivity umbrella in a remote area, for example, a mining company or agricultural business. A private LTE is equally good or better in dense areas where the public LTE networks often are congested and wired connectivity is not an option. The third use-case is if course as a backup network, today’s business relies heavily on a working internet connection for all sorts of transactions, Point of Sales devices, inventory checks, attendance and building automation to mention a few. Net1 Designs and deploys tailored private LTE networks for each customer, given our broad range of available frequencies and services we can cater for both large areal coverage as well as high throughput demanding urban setups.