End to End Connectivity for LGUs

Net1 possesses a National franchise to provide wireless and wired internet connectivity all over the Philippines. In combination with our licenses to operate both long-distance frequencies suitable for rural areas together with high capacity frequencies to deliver bandwidth to secure operations in years to come. Net1 can provide a full end to end services for Local Government Units (LGUs) throughout the country. As an LGU you will get a turn-key solution for internet access for your offices as well as residents if you want to.

By connecting the government offices to a robust and secure internet connection, public service will improve in all areas. The fire stations can get detailed maps and routes in real-time; the police will have access to all public records instantly; hospitals can manage queues and inventory efficiently, as well as, retrieve journals and records in real-time. Schools will get access to research and data that would facilitate learning at all grade levels. These are just some of the benefits of a fully wired system of government offices.