Net1 offers modern and customised connectivity solutions to companies and governments in the Philippines. With over 20 years of experience in the wireless domain, Net1 has successfully connected bandwidth intense clients in the metropolitan, extreme rural connectivity where nothing else works. Our solutions can be used and primary connectivity or as a wireless backup to existing infrastructure. 

Net1 through its legal name Broadband Everywhere Corporation holds a national franchise to supply telecom services. Net1 is allowed to Purchase, Build, Operate and Resell telecommunication solutions. Net1 also holds spectrum in the licensed bands of 450MHz, 3.5GHz and 26GHz used to operate 4G and 5G networks.

Net1 Designs, Purchases, Deolploys & Manage small and large scale wireless and wired network setups. Most of our customers are located in Luzon, however, we provide our services nationwide through our partner network.

Net1 in a nutshell:

How It Works - Broadband Everywhere - No Wires

25 Years of Experience

Net1 has been operating in the telecom space since the 90’s.  We offer our comprehensive tailored made connectivity solutions, nationwide. Using a dedicated spectrum for premium connectivity and security 


Strong Partners

Net1s Majority shareholder is Citadel group Citadel Holdings Inc. a diversified holding company with interests in telecoms, food distribution, oil and gas distribution, & retail. The second shareholder is Net1 International who specializes in rural 4G deployments using the 450MHz frequency, Net1 International covers about 120m population through their 4G networks in the Philippines and Indonesia.